Jay Martel holding two ventriloquist dummies as a boy and Jay Martel holding an Emmy as a man

About Jay Martel

My father moved out of the house when I was ten and I started writing to make my mom laugh.

She was depressed a lot, so I tried to cheer her up with wishful thinking banged out on a loudly humming Selectric.

My writing since has all come from the same place: The need to take the edge off what life can throw at us while staying true to how absurd and strange it can be.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with many people who are funnier than I am: Ian Roberts, Michael Moore, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, Keegan Michael-Key, Jordan Peele, the Katydids, and Richard Curtis, to name a few. (Note to anyone who’s worked with me and has been kind enough to read this far, only to be greeted with non-inclusion in the last sentence: You were funnier, too.)

In the process, I’ve written comedy for magazines, basic cable, the stage, movies, books, before returning to basic cable, which is a great place to do a lot of different things while preserving your anonymity.

While I enjoy collaboration, writing for me is often a solitary, intimate act, something that happens between me and the paper or the screen. And every now and then it happens again: The moment of joy that comes from being surprised by a discovery, when reality gives way, if only for a moment, to the imagination.

Selected Credits

Executive Producer / WriterAlternatino with Arturo CastroComedy Central
Executive Producer / WriterTeachersTV Land
Executive Producer / WriterKey & PeeleComedy Central
Head WriterRed Nose Day SpecialNBC
AuthorChannel BlueHead of Zeus
WriterGet HardWarner Bros.
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“Heartfelt and sweet, and not in a tear-jerking way.”

—Revolution Science Fiction on Channel Blue