This small, no-budget film was inspired by post-9/11 craziness and features great performances from Ian Roberts, Jessica St. Clair, Jason Mantzoukas, Zach Woods, Rob Riggle, and many more.

It went on to win a Special Jury Prize at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival and the Audience Award at Cinequest.



The small town of Junction is the proud home of “The World’s Largest Stool.” John Stevens, a doctoral candidate in roadside attractions, travels to Junction, anxious to authenticate the stool as a true piece of art. Unbeknownst to John, there has been an act of vandalism against the statue of the town’s founder, and Curtis Gorfurter, Junction’s police chief, has concluded it must be the work of a terrorist.

John drops off pictures of the stool in town for development and, wishing to have them enlarged, leaves a note, “BLOW UP.” To Chief Gorfurter this can only mean that the terrorist’s target is the stool. The Chief enacts the Junction Freedom Act and institutes a town color alert, instantly raising it from brick to tangerine. Soon, the Chief, John, and the Chief’s sexually frustrated girlfriend are caught in a game in which common sense takes a holiday.

Played with all seriousness and a caustic dead pan humor, director Jay Martel’s “Terrorists” offers a biting satire on fear gone berserk. While laugh-out-loud funny, it is also a serious statement on how hysteria can take away our civil liberties, even with the best of motives. A serious comedy about life in post-9/11 America.

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