Twenty-seven MAGA Definitions to Send It Off

(From The New Yorker, 1/19/21)

“Make America Great Again,”
Media-hungry Attention-seeker Growls Audibly.
Many Americans Gather Attentively.
Manic Antagonizer—Galvanizing Anomaly?

Months Along, Gripes Abound—
Mini-handed Authoritarian Governs Awfully!
Many Americans Go Ailing,
Multi-conspiracy Adopter Goes Assailing.

maga Actually (Giving it Away)
Means “All Grovel Around.”
Moronic Autocratic Gasbags Attend,
Menacing, Aggressive Gun-toters Astound.

Most Americans Grow Agonized.
Months Amble Gradually Along till
Much-Awaited Germy Autumn vote—
Megalomaniac Asshole Gets Ass-smote!

Mister Also-ran Grieves Abjectly,
Mewls At Gathering, Angry-violent.
Marauding Anons Gallop Amok;
Mouthy Autocrat Goes Atypically silent.

Man, Americans Get Aggressive when
Manipulated And Gotten Angry!
Mention A Greater Atrocity
More Awful, Given the Audacity.

Messily-tanned Amoralist, Go Apace!
Mar-A-Gulago Awaits—
Make America Great Again
(simply by going away).