Quentin Tarantino’s Next Movies

“Inglorious Seabees”: A crew of renegade sailors thwart the attack on Pearl Harbor, shooting down the Japanese planes while bare-footed nurses cheer them on.

“Once Upon a Time…In the Midwest”: At Kent State in 1970, a group of Chinese transfer students go ninja on the Ohio National Guard, saving a group of shoeless co-eds — and one guy.

“Spotted Elk Unchained”: In 1890, a group of Lakota Native Americans receive machine guns from the future and obliterate the U.S. Cavalry at Wounded Knee. They don’t wear moccasins.

“Lousy Dirty Smelly Grunts”: Barefoot Vietnamese villagers join with renegade U.S. soldiers to repel the attack on My Lai. They then cross the border into Cambodia and blow away Pol Pot before he can start the Killing Fields.

“Hotel Rwanda”: Pretty much a faithful remake of the original, with two small differences: Don Cheadle’s character has a machine gun, and his wife never wears shoes.